Kyle Kim

Feb 6th, 2015


Origins: Richland, Washington
Coordinates: Portland, Oregon
Gig: Photographer
Skating since: 1998 
Filming since: 2001
Formal training: I was fortunate enough to have a high school with a darkroom. I took photography classes all 4 years in high school. I skipped math class sometimes to lurk in the darkroom—somehow my photo teacher was cool with that. My friend Eric Edvalson taught me everything I needed to know about flashes—actually, he still teaches me something every time I talk to him. I took some classes at Clark College in Vancouver, Washington, too. About this time last year I was setting up a darkroom in my bathroom every night after delivering pizza. If anyone has a hook up on an enlarger, hit me up!
Creative project you’re most proud of: Recently I made a little zine called Soggy Budz, and I’m planning on making more of these. It’s fun and gives me a chance to show people all of my favorite little snaps on the cheap.
Favorite thing about skating in the Northwest: People are nice. I’ve been meeting tons of new people since I moved here last October. I got about a handful of good friends from my hometown in the area and we skate just about everyday, rain or shine. I have fun at every spot, and when spring rolls around I’m going to tour all the parks. I hardly ever hit the parks. I can’t wait.
Least favorite thing about the Northwest: This question sucks. Everything else rules.