Spencer Morgan

Aug 1st, 2013

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Origins: Vancouver, Washington—but most of my skating was done here in Portland.
Coordinates: Portland, Oregon
Gig: Photographer
Skating since: My aunt gave me a super DIY board when I was like 6 or 7. She made the deck out of a piece of kitchen countertop—not very functional, but I learned how to ride around on it. It wasn’t for another 5 years until I discovered people could actually ollie on more functional boards. That’s when I really got into skating, videos, and trying to learn tricks. And now I’m almost 30—so I’ve pretty much been skateboarding the majority of my life.
Shooting since: I started shooting more skateboarding related stuff in high school. I basically blew it in photography class, but I wanted access to a darkroom and all the supplies. Once I started making my own money, I entered the world of digital photography and I began to get a bit more serious about things. Both film and digital have a time and place in my mind—love them both!
Formal training: I don’t have any actual degrees and honestly no formal training. I just tend to geek out on things really hard when I get interested in them. I never go into anything half assed. I’ve always loved art, though, be it drawing, design, or photography. It makes my world go round, and skateboarding meshes into all of it perfectly.
Creative project you’re most proud of: This one is hard for me. I love all of the projects I work on because most of the time I do them completely voluntarily. That way it remains a hobby, as opposed to feeling like work. If I had to pick one project, it’d probably be starting The Portland Wheel Company—every creative aspect of the brand has been my doing. Everyday I am shaping it more and more into the brand that I’ve dreamed about since I was a kid. It’s a great creative outlet for me—I get to create all my own boundaries … or lack there of.
Favorite thing about skating in the Northwest: I learned how to skate here, so I guess it’s just comfortable for me. I  never got crazy into going to all of the parks, and I suck at transition, but I just loved skating around downtown Portland and the Pearl. For me it’s just about skating around and hitting things as they come. Start at the top of the hill in downtown near PSU and skate down to around Burnside or Chinatown, then hop on the Max back up and take a different route down. I guess my favorite part about skateboarding in Portland is that it’s a good city to explore on your skateboard, and there is a lot of fun stuff to check out along the way.
Least favorite thing about the Northwest: I’d be lying if I didn’t say the rain. That is hands down the biggest bummer for me. It also puts a damper on photography. But it’s a whole lot better now than when I was a kid. Now we have so many awesome indoor places to skate run by great people in the community who truly care about skateboarding. Still, a couple more dry days a year wouldn’t hurt!