Jennifer Sherowski

Aug 1st, 2013


Origins: Edwards, Colorado
Coordinates: Portland, Oregon
Gig: Writer/editor
Skating since: 2001
Writing since: Like, getting paid to write? Since 2000. Before that, I paid other people for me to write in college, but that’s different.
Formal training: BA in Humanities.
Creative project you’re most proud of: Starting Commonwealth Skatepark. Everything about it. All the people I met, the little community we built, and all the stuff I learned—from how to build a concrete skatepark to how to run a business on zero money. Super serious chapter in the school of life.
Favorite thing about skating in the Northwest: All the good people—the workingman’s skaters. I mean skateboarding isn’t really what regular 30 (and 40!!) somethings choose to do on a daily basis in other places, but around here, it is. Good stuff.
Least favorite thing about the Northwest: The Portlandia effect—way too many people moving here right now. Getting all crowded. I’m not trying to live in the new California!