Back-To-School Junk Jam Field Report

By admin
In Cultured
Aug 25th, 2015

Words & photos: Kyle Kim


Frank Richardson says hi.

I got a text while I was at work on Sunday that vaguely mentioned a “junk jam” at a schoolyard in Northeast. I was advised to bring my camera. When I showed up, there must have been 50 people skating jump ramps, flat bars, quarters smashed up against walls, and a whole mess of other inspiration.


Ben Koppl with those short shorts on.

I’m only 25, so I was immediately in imagination-land, pretending to be some photographer at a shitty “street style” contest from  back in ’91 (photo legends would probably laugh and “back in the day” me to death if they heard that). Anyway, I grabbed a flash and shoved my fisheye in every nook and cranny—letting go of traditional photographic rules and stigmas, because the action was happening too fast to think critically.

Eventually, I put the camera down to skate for a bit myself and made sure to give as many high fives as possible. I know these sessions can’t really be planned—they just happen. Grass roots and word of mouth will shine brighter than any of that Arena League World Championship Of Dew Tour shit. Who won that contest on ESPN yesterday? I was too busy skateboarding with my friends.


Andrew Gray, front board any way you like it.


Rocco Caravelli Fs with it.


Matt Shoebottom represent!


Chris McFarland likes stuff and junk.


Ben Koppl again all over that retaining wall.